Scare The Hell Out Of Your Friends With These Spooktacular Drone Mods

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Halloween is here again and it is time to invoke the critters of the night.  If you’re a prankster and  own a drone I have no doubt that you relish Halloween. While the more fainthearted among you may opt for the  boring and mundane activities such as   pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and dressing up for trick or treating the more playful , mischief makers and spirited pranksters will engage in  bone-chilling tricks; involving ghosts,, skeletons, vampires and critters of the night. 

Drones and quadcopters can be used to bring the scariest creatures alive. You are only inhibited by your imagination.   

So if you love drones and you wish to engage in a little malevolent fun then these videos are for you. Just be careful because if you go overboard you may end up in trouble with the law.  the point of these post is to have a great laugh scaring the hell out of you friends.  Sit back and relax and hold on yo your costume because it’s going to be pretty  scarwy!!

Halloween Flying Ghost

This video starts off with a creepy ghost like creature hovering high in the still dark of the night. This creature is sure to give you the creeps if you are walking alone in the dark. This creature make and eerie  chilling sounds that is guaranteed to make  the hairs on the back of your neck  stand or send chills down your spine.  You do not wish to be near a cemetery if you ever encounter this critter.


The Grim Reaper

If you are looking to frighten a friends shoes off  the feet then the Grim Reaper is sure to do that.  The eerie creepy sound is sure to grab your attention and if you are faced with this creature your blood will run cold and you are guaranteed to have nightmares for a long time.   This is not a prank you will want to play on the fainthearted because you may send them to an early grave



The Flying Clown

If you are walking on a dark street and see a clown levitating right before your eyes I have no doubt that you will sprint for your life.  The eerie sounds  are sure to cuddle you blood.  This clown will strike terror in the bravest person.



The Flying Spider

If you afflicted with arachnophobia this this is sure to send you to you grave.  Ms. Muffet  you are well advised to stay from this oversize spider hovering in the dead of the night because it is  guaranteed to swallow you alive. Don’t hold me responsible if you pull this prank and become friendless.



The Ghost

The Ghost will make your blood run cold if you come face to face with it.. It will scare the hell out of anyone even those who do not subscribe to the notion of evil spirits. This ghost reminds me of Freddy Kruegger and  and will send you scurrying for your life.



Remember, Halloween is about fun so please be careful when you pick your victim.  Happy Halloween and keep the fun clean!!!!